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Bricks ´n Gears

2019 • 71 x 86 inch

In my imagination, old gears of various shapes and sizes are stacked on a brick wall. Above and one behind the other are the Spechen wheels, which seem to dissolve towards the top. The wall consists of courthouse blocks, which are placed either upright or horizontally.

The materials I used were Dupioni silk and silk organza in a range of colors from dark purple, black, magenta and pink tones to orange, gold and yellow tones.

The border is reminiscent of train tracks, these in turn on the subject of mechanics, metal, industry

Quilting also accompanies and promotes the impression: straight lines in the most varied of directions _ diagonally in the sheikhs of the cogwheels, horizontally and vertically in the bricks.

Some quilt patterns look like keyboards and control buttons, others like nuts and bolts.

As the final elements of the quilting, the highlighting of the contours (couching with fancy yarns) and the use of approx. 20,000 Swarovski crystals are indispensable.


Pacific International Quiltfestival : Longarm Award 2019
Road to California Januar 2020: 1st Place: Abstract