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Turtle Bay

2012 • 200 cm x 235 cm

Claudia created “Turtle Bay” for her 2012 “Show Quilt”. The inspiration for this quilt was Claudia’s desire to pay tribute to these great creatures of the sea, the sea turtle. This endangered creature is beautiful in its natural habitat. To capture the beauty of the sea, she combined silk and gauze fabrics, along with machine quilting, to give movement to the water, seaweed and corals. The shells and star fish are made from silks with hand painted designs using Stewart Gill acrylic colors and then were machine appliqued.

The waves in the water were created using a template that Claudia created to give just the right ebb and flow. The coral reef was cut freehand and then machine quilted to give texture and movement. The sea turtles were made from hand-dyed and printed fabric and were hand appliqued. The white seaweed is a net type fabric that had been painted with acrylic paint and then couched with Razzle Dazzle thread to make it shimmer. The net and the gauze give a mystical effect adding to the mystery of the sea.


MQS – Overland Park, KS – May 2012: Solitaire
MQX East ,Providence 2012: 2. Platz Pictorial + Viewer´s Choice
Upper MidWest Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show 2012: 1.Platz Pictorial
Upper MidWest Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show 2012: Viewer´s Choice
NQA Columbus 2012: 1. Platz Art/Innovative
Quilt Odysse 2012: Best Pictorial
NorthWest Quilting Expo 2012: 1. Platz Pictorial
International Pacific Quilt Festival 2012: Best Machine Workmanship
AQS Paducah 2013: 3.Platz Pictorial
Road2California 2013: Excellence in Longarm Quilting
HMQS 2013: 1.Platz Art/Innovative
IQFOI Galway /Ireland 2013: Grand Prize Under the Sea
Minnesota Quiltshow 2014: 2.Platz Blue Diamond
Indiana Quilt Heritage 2014: 2. Platz Mixed
Quiltfestival Birmingham 2015: 1.Platz Pictorial
Quiltfestival Dubai 2016: 1.Platz Pictorial