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2011 • 83 x 83 cm

When I heard the theme for MQS 2010 was going to be South of the Border, I knew that I had to make a quilt about my personal „South of the Border“- Spain. More specifically,Cordoba’s great mosque, Mezquita de Cordoba.
Cordoba! The name sounds magnificent and majestic. Can you imagine the feel of the cool marble pillars, smooth as silk in the palm of your hand? Cool mosaic tile under your feet. This beautiful mosque has columns that were built 1200 years ago by the Moors. Today the Mesquita de Cordoba belongs as their Cathedral of the Catholic church.

Totally eye appealing, the architect added the alternating red brick and stone in the curves of the arches. Innovative architecture for it’s time. Cordoba is magnificent, a place of purpose. The purpose of this place changed as the times changed. A great and mighty church
The quilt, Cordoba, captures the coolness of the marble and tile, the beauty and the majesty.

You can almost feel yourself in the midst of the columns. As the Mariner finds direction with the compass, so too, can be found in Cordoba. Direction, purpose, beauty, majesty, sanctuary. Cordoba.
Inspiration for the quilt came from pictures of the mosque found while doing a Google search of Cordoba, Spain. The columns are just so fascinating that I wanted to capture them in my quilt, using piecing and quilting motives reminding to floor and wall tiles.

For the design of the center I used „Pre Design“ to draw the picture of the hall, for sewing using paper piecing. Embellished with couching threads to enhance the outlines and Swarovski Chrystals.


Road2California 2011: Excellence in Longarm Quilting
MQX East (Rhode Island) 2011: 3. Platz
AQS Knoxville 2011: 2. Platz
Quilting with Machines,Huron: 2. Platz + Viewer´s Choice
IHQS Indiana Quilt Heritage 2012 : 3. Platz
Minnesota Quiltshow 2012: 3. Platz
Pacific International Quilt Festival: 1. Platz Innovative
Quilt Odyssee 2012: Best Longarm Award
North West Quilting Expo 2012: 2. Platz
Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2013: 1. Platz Machine Quilting